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A Tribute To My Mother-In-Law by Barbara Hammond

I want to write about my mother-in-law today… so I will.

She was the kind of woman who spelled D A R N in front of my kids until they were in their teens but then completely shocked me with the unexpected story of how she learned what f*ck meant.

After she and my father-in-law had been married for a while she mentioned to him that she thought it was an Italian word because only the Italian kids in her neighborhood wrote it on the sidewalk. He promptly set her straight

This is the perfect day to pay tribute to my mother-in-law. It has been twenty-two years since she left this earth way too soon. I miss her all the time, but especially during big family events that I know she would have loved.

When our oldest son got married fourteen years ago I missed her more than I could have ever imagined. She would have adored his wife, Marcie. Our youngest son’s beautiful wedding at his bride’s family farm in Virginia would have truly wowed her.

When our first grandson was born I thought about Mom constantly. She was such a wonderful grandmother… I couldn’t possibly live up to her standard, could I?

She would have laughed, as we do, about only having boys in our family. But when the first great-granddaughter, Caylee, was born last year I know Mom would have been over the top with joy for my sister-in-law and her family!

Well Mom, your fourth great-grandchild, third boy, is on his way at this very moment. We are all awaiting the call welcoming Owen into our family. You would be so proud! I know you would love Greg’s wife, Marsha, as much as we do.

I had a very tumultuous and difficult relationship with my own mother, which I think deepened the bond I had with my mother-in-law. She was the kind of mother I’d always dreamed of having.

She personified ‘Home Maker’ and disliked being called a housewife, thank you very much. She taught me so much about running a household. Things I’d never learned in the environment I grew up in, like how to set a proper table, the importance of being a woman first which makes you a better wife and mother.

She told me, “You raise your children for someone else, so keep the fires burning at home.” Great advice! If you keep that in perspective you won’t be suffering ‘empty nest syndrome’.

I know she is watching over us and celebrating along with us as we welcome the newest member of the family.

So, Mom, you are on my mind and in my heart very much today. I took your advice to heart. Thank you so much!  


Barbara Hammond
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One thought on “A Tribute To My Mother-In-Law by Barbara Hammond

  1. Beautiful post Barbara. There is a true art to being a home maker, and my mom also enjoyed being that kind of “artist” — I called her an engineer … a domestic engineer, and she was very skilled at her craft. 🙂

    Major kudos to all the great moms and mom-in-laws!

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