A Collection Stories About Or From The Moms Of The World

Guidelines for Submission

Being a mom is beautiful, difficult, frustrating, exhilarating, scary and much, much more.
This blog that will later become a book is an exploration on everything Mom.
You can be a mom and submit a story or you can submit a story about your mom. You can be anonymous or credited. You can add up to two photos and two urls. If you choose to be anonymous, your privacy is guaranteed.
Please no word docs and no bullets. Send your story in an email with any photos you wish to include.
If you send no photos or links, it will be assumed you don’t wish to include them. Please also specify if you would like your name to appear or if you wish to post anonymously.
Your story will be posted on our Twitter accounts numerous times as well as our Facebook pages. as of 11/1/11  Kimberley has over 2000 followers and Ann has over 1400 and both are growing.
Thank you in advance for your contribution.


First and foremost:
This release MUST be incorporated in the body of the email or WE WILL NOT USE YOUR ENTRY!
***I agree to release all rights to Ark Stories and understand that the stories
may be used in whole or in part for the purposes of publication, promotion
and/or distribution in any manner. I understand there is no compensation for
my story and that if published, my story will be anonymous unless otherwise specified. I understand my story will be edited but only to make the story flow (punctuation and grammar).
The field is wide open. Here are a few examples of what you can write about but these are only a few. You can write about anything at all mom related.
– Important lessons you’ve learned from her.
– What it’s like to be a mom. The good and the bad.
– Advice your mom gave you and what you did with it.
– How you have overcome obstacles in your relationship. Or, if you haven’t, you can explain a strained relationship. (We will not post angry or hateful stories but we realize that not all mother and child relationships are positive.)
– If you’re a mom, you can talk about what it’s like to have teenagers and all the things that go along with that: sex, driving, grades etc.
Whether you wish to talk about inspiration, frustration, anecdotes, funny and not so funny/scary/embarrassing situations, know that all and more are welcome! We, as usual, want your story! Whatever it may be.
There is no deadline. Stories collected will be ongoing. Word count is open but we prefer at least 500.
So, what’s your story?

4 thoughts on “Guidelines for Submission

  1. How many words would you prefer?

  2. Quick Q. ~ Ccan you submit more than one? I just submitted a story on the serious side, but I usually specialize in humor, and I’d also love to submit a second entry to make us all laugh a bit 🙂 Please let me know — thanks!

  3. Yes, a funny one would be great!

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